LOST PLACES is an irregular Club Night based in Hamburg, Germany.


LOST PLACES @MusikBar Komet, Hamburg † Playlist 07.10.2017

Kedr Livanskiy - "Ariadna (ариадна)"
Last Journey - "This Modern Age"
Corners - "Love Letters"
Comunión Y Liberación - "Sueños "
Life Garden - "When The Lion Licks The Sun"
Phallus Dei - "Talitha Kumi"
Trespasser - "Halos"
The Sisters Of Mercy - "Feel No Pain"
Genevieve Pasquier - "Handle With Care"
Glove - "Perfect Murder"
Alphaville - "A victory of love" [demo remix]
Ripe Vessel - "Diamonds"
//Tense// - "Disconnect Myself"
Klinik - "Moving Hands"
:Wumpscut: - "Running Killer"
Pouppeé Fabrikk - "Love You Dead"
Skinny Puppy - "Chainsaw"
Kirlian Camera - "Drift"
Trisomie 21 - "Waiting For"
Depeche Mode - "The Sun & The Rainfall"
Boytronic - "Trigger Track" [7" version]
Limbo - "Libido Mater Nostra"
Der Noir - "Another Day"
Iamtheshadow - "Away"
Cigarettes After Sex - "Nothings Gonna Hurt You Baby"
Bauhaus - "Stigmata Martyr"
Black Egg - "Jesus In Furs"
Tanz Ohne Musik - "Silence Is Golden"
November Növelet - "Misanthropy"
Haus Arafna - "Satanas And Friends"
Da-Sein - "Ascension"
Front 242 - "Don't Crash"
Nitzer Ebb - "Let Beauty Loose"
Boy Harsher - "Modulations"
Intuición - "Electric Station"
Gyves - "Cityscape"
TokTok vs Soffy O - "Missy Queens Gonna Die"
Ortrotasce - "Hearts"
Laugh Clown Laugh - "Feel So Young"
Dakar & Grinser - "I Can´t get Enough"
Margita Je Mrtva - "Transexual" [nitko vitebsk 1920 mono rmx]
Linea Aspera - "Vultures"
Holygram - "Daria"
This is the Bridge - "Sieben (Valter Horvat)"
DAF - "Goldenes Spielzeug"
Celldöd - "Hemliga Rum"
Coil - "The Anal Staircase"
Das Ding - "Standing In The Hall"
Werner Karloff feat. Jen H - "Nocturne Walk"
Sally Dige - "Holding On"
Schwefelgelb - "Das Ärmellose Hemd"
Trust - "Four Gut"
Meat Injection - "Murder the Sub Clown"
Textbeak feat. Heretek & Adam Rodgers - "Ration"
Clap Your Hands Say Yeah - "Satan Said Dance"
Soft Cell - "Factory Fun"
Scratch Massive - "Three Imaginary Boys"
Synths Versus Me - "Tortured Souls"
The Hacker & HIV+ - "Növö Disko"
Human League - "The Things That Dreams Are Made Of"
Q. Lazzarus - "Goodbye Horses"
Martial Canterel - "Windscreen"
Person:A - "Divide & Conquer"
Severed Heads - "Dead Eyes Opened"
Stahlnetz - "Vor all den Jahren"
Selofan - "Litany Against Fear"
Kiss The Floor - "This Desire"
European Ghost - "Pale And Sick"
Geometric Vision - "Black Heaven"
Ariel Maniki And The Black Halos - "Madeline"
Clan Of Xymox - "Stranger" [remix]
Gertrud Stein - "Total Normal"
No Kisses - "Swastika Sally"
Hell - "Follow You"
Gate - "The Lonely Gardener"
Lister - "The Bugaloo"
ManMachine - "Lilly"
Kite - "Step Forward"
Vita Noctis - "Alone"
Psyche - "The Saint Becomes A Lush"
Milliken Chamber - "Mirrors and Sheets"
Sine Silex feat. Kriistal Ann - "Operative"
Glass Candy - " Always Say Yes"
Paradox Obscur - "In Control"
Eleven Pond - "Just Be Happy"
Luminance feat. K. Grip - "Testamente"
The Woken Trees - "Holy Water"
Kindest Cuts - "Handsome Killer"
The Smashing Pumpkins - "Eye"
Lana Del Rey - "Gods & Monsters"

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