LOST PLACES is an irregular Club Night based in Hamburg, Germany.


Lost Places feat. Goto Hell @THE RED ROOM | Dildofabrik, Hamburg † Playlist 25.08.2017

the short wave mystery - turn time away
autumn - the game
conte jour - abîme
linear movement - night in june
malaria - you you
the wake - sideshow
belgrado - kozmar
agent side grinder - life in advance
casino shanghai - hollow bodies
slow children - spring in fialta
opéra de nuit - annabella
martin dupont - he saw the light
eleven pond - watching trees
efetto joule - telephone
tres - operator
martial canterel - windscreen
the shyness of strangers - who are you
absolute body control - turning technical
tempers - strange harvest
soft cell - torch
2vM - glowing
figure study - interaction
madmoizel - come
volksmusik - secret girl [paul nazca mix]
gesloten cirkel - stakan
zastranienie - (per)verzija
attack 41 - sovjetski kalkulator
popcorn - magic man
sex gang children - barbarossa
christian death - romeo´s distress
os ovni - ode to space convict
tears for fears - head over heels
einstürzende neubauten - interimsliebenden
front 242 - don´t crash
a certain ratio - crippled child
ryan paris - dolce vita

Acción Diplomática - "Exilio"
Eurythmics - "Monkey Monkey"
Sterling Angel - "Loved by You"
Delusional Signals - "Lost"
Boy 83 - "Celestial Sphere"
Imiafan - "Na Druhú Stanu Ullce "
Baical - "Tender Whips"
Black Nail Cabaret - "Sister Sister"
Kline Coma Xero - "Collapse"
Tearful Moon - "Cold And Burning Truth"
White Christian Male - "Shadowplay"
Nobody Was There - "Image Sequence"
Sadness Isolation - "Gallowdance"
Forever Grey - "Everything Falls Apart"
Code Grey - "Pilot"
Hante - "My Destruction"
She Pleasures Herself - "Dance With Her"
H ø R D - "Skin Tense"
Siouxsie & The Banshees - "Cascade"
Duran Duran - "Planet Earth"
Donna Summer - "I Feel Love"
ManMachine - "Lilly"
File Not Found - "Give Me A Sign"
Tempers - "Killing For Company"
Eleven Pond - "Just Be Happy"
Synths Versus Me - "Machines Loves Better"
Psyche - "Unveiling The Secret" [7" mix]
Front 242 - "Lovely Day"
Monte Cazazza - "The Womb is a Happening Thing"
Fornicata - "Wishful Thinking"
La Mécanique - "Ghost"
Casuistry - "Parasite"Two One Six – "Pulse"
Soldout feat. Goose - "Do It Again"
Gertrud Stein - "Total Normal"
Cosmetics - "Black Leather Gloves"
Human League – "Seconds"
Brusque Twins - "Sick Pig"
Bleib Modern – "Anxiety"
Ivy's Void – "Machines"
Vinz Eberlein - "Foul And Depraved "
Brave Young Years - "The End"
Pola Tog - "Rrose Sélavy"
Intuición - "Electric Station"
White Christian Male - "Kill Yourself"
La Main - "Le Sol Gelé"
Permanent Wave - "Lunar Lost" [black light smoke remix]
Then Comes Silence feat. A. Eklund - "She Lies In Wait"
Dolina - "Once Again"
:codes - "Shadow Coat"
Celldöd - "Hemliga Rum"
Im Namen Des Volkes - "Alles Ist Umsonst"
Adhere To Form - "Move In Time"
Diseño Corbusier - "Golpe De Amistad"
Throbbing Gristle – "United"
Noir For Rachel - "Dying By This Sickness"
Dörchae - "You Drown"
Kælan Mikla – "Kalt"
Vorderhaus - "Could I Run"
November Növelet - "We Fade Away"
Zweitbesetzung - "Träumen in kalten Räumen"
Dani Shivers - "Body Of One"
Trust – "F.T.F"
Desire - "Under Your Spell"
Jessica Lange - "Gods And Monsters"


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